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Testing & Inspections for Life Safety Systems

ISS can keep your life safety sytems working properly through routine audits, inspections, and performance tests. Our maintenance team will develop a testing program that accommodates your operational priorities, keeps you on the right side of compliance, and ensures minor glitches are addressed before they have the opportunity to cause major issues.

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We are ready to assist you with

Sensitivity Testing

Emergency Lights

Door Release

Electronic Documentation

NICET Certified Inspectors

Direct Report Submission

About Testing

Our maintenance programs are tailored to fit your facility's unique needs. Common testing services include: fire alarm systems (and their respective components), device-specific test procedures, notification appliances, supervisory signal-initiating devices, primary and secondary power supplies, emergency communications equipment, system integrations, interfaces with on/off premises monitoring, and much more.


Comprehensive maintenance and testing

Your life safety system works hard all year round to keep your property secure - so you need to make sure it works properly day in and day out. That's why regular inspections of your equipment are so important: they keep your products working, keep your systems humming, and make sure your system functions properly when you need it most.


We provide detailed reporting at the end of every test - including documentation needed for compliance and insurance. And should anything happen to your records we'll always have a secure backup stored in our archive (just in case).


Regulatory inspection requirements vary by business type, property location, and product specifications. We'll make sure you get the right inspections for your particular software and hardware so you never have issues with compliance.


All of our service and support technicians are factory-trained, hard-working, and obsessed with details. Our service professionals manage all your system testing needs, provide support and maintenance for software and hardware, and handle a wide range of necessary certifications.


Your inspection program will be shaped to fit the logistical needs of your business and property. We'll collaborate with your team to plan visits at times that accommodate your workflow and are convenient for your operational schedule.

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Making safety simple

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