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Cloud Services for Fire and Life Safety Systems

Our cloud-based infrastructure can both solve your immediate security challenges and flex to accommodate future needs. A cornerstone of smart commercial security systems everywhere, cloud-based security solutions increase efficiency, reduce costs, and make managing your system easier than ever.

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We are ready to assist you with

Intrusion Detection

Access Control Management

Business Analytics

Video Management

Multi-Site Management

Operational Efficiency

Complete control in the cloud

Your personalized cloud solution will give you real-time visibility into multiple layers of relevant data. You can look at users, operations, and your entire organization from both bird's eye and glandular levels, gain faster access to key insights, and broaden your perspective of overall security.


Manage everything, from anywhere

Get a comprehensive view of your operation in the cloud. With a few clicks, you can log into your system from any web-enabled device from anywhere in the world. That means you can easily understand where your security is at whether you are in the office or on the road.


We know today's digital solution is often tomorrow's old news - that's why we build systems that are always evolving. Our cloud-based security solutions use continuous updates to stay current and protect your interests from the latest threats, bugs, and malware.


Moving data to the cloud saves you from malfunctioning drives, glitchy servers, and rapidly aging hardware. End-to-end encryption will keep everything protected digitally, and it is easy to create backups and redundancies.


We can use the cloud to integrate systems and products and create a unified view of your security framework. Apps and API's let us patch into the security, video, and productivity tools you already use, and the possibilities for add-ons and plug-ins are virtually endless.


Our enterprise-level cloud solutions are easy to build out (unlike many legacy server systems). Using a cloud-based infrastructure gives you remarkable flexibility and makes it easier adapt your system to changing operational needs.

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